[visionegg] changing screen dimensions dynamically

  • From: Russ Poldrack <poldrack@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: visionegg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 08:16:49 -0800

hi - I'm writing a program that is meant to be run across multiple computers with different screen resolutions, and I'm wondering whether there is any way to adjust the default size used by get_default_screen() to maximize the screen size depending upon the video resolution of the system? The obvious way would be to have the user enter the dimensions in the initial config window, but I would like to make it automatic so that the user doesn't have to determine what their screen resolution is. I know how to get the maximum screen size using Tk. I see that there is a set_size() method under the VisionEgg Screen class, but it seems to be deprecated. One apparent possibility is to turn off the initial display of the screen using VisionEgg.config.VISIONEGG_GUI_INIT - however, it's not then clear to me how to actually set the parameters and display the screen. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Also - is there any way to specify a particular VisionEgg.cfg file to be read in, rather than the default locations?


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