[visionegg] Re: bug in Text, and workaround

  • From: Andrew Straw <astraw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 09:38:42 -0800

Thanks Mason,

Fixed in svn 1359.



Smith, Mason wrote:

> Minor bug report... I have some code where I create a couple thousand
> Text objects before the experiment starts (the idea is to create all
> the stimuli at the beginning so that they can be instantly loaded
> during the experiment).  I found that VisionEgg crashes if you create
> too many Text objects; this is because Pygame crashes if you create
> too many Font objects ("IOError: unable to read font filename"). 
> Perhaps there is a smarter way to code my experiment to avoid creating
> as many Text objects, but I opted to do a simple workaround where I
> keep a dictionary of Font objects, to avoid having to create duplicate
> Font objects for every Text object with the same font.  It might be
> good to take this bug into account in future versions of VisionEgg.
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