[visionegg] Vision Egg 1.1 released

  • From: Andrew Straw <astraw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: visionegg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2008 16:14:53 -0700

I'm pleased to announce that Vision Egg 1.1 has been released. It is
available at SourceForge:
and PyPI: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/visionegg/1.1

This release brings the Vision Egg up to date with numpy and the new
ctypes-based PyOpenGL, and includes lots of smaller bugfixes and removes
old cruft that had been accumulating.

I have updated all the documentation, including the User's Manual, the
Reference Guide, and the webpage to reflect the latest information. The
Download and Install section and platform-specific sub-sections of the
website may need a bit of attention as you upgrade. I would appreciate
any comments on inaccuracies of the webpage, or better, if you could fix
it yourself. Unfortunately, the wiki was becoming the target of a
concerted spamming effort that very effectively defeated MoinMoin's
built-in anti-spam features, so I've had to disable write access to
everyone not listed in http://visionegg.org/EditorsGroup . I have added
all the User IDs I could find of recent editors to the pages, but please
don't be shy about being asking for permission to edit the wiki if your
name is not listed!

I will wait a few days to hear any reports from the Vision Egg mailing
list subscribers about any troubles, then I will announce this release
to the wider world.

The changelog is below.


== Changes for 1.1 ==

* Explicitly require Python 2.3 by removing duplicate of Python standard
library's logging module and assume the "True" and False" are defined.
There were probably other assumptions depending on 2.3 creeping into the
code, as well.

* Removed Lib3DS module.

* Workaround PyOpenGL 3.0.0a and 3.0.0b1 bug in glLoadMatrixf().

* Fix SphereMap.AzElGrid() to properly draw iso elevation and azimuth
lines at specified intervals.

* Change to use numpy at the core instead of Numeric. (Require numpy, no
longer require Numeric.)

* Require setuptools

* No longer supporting Python 2.2

* Update Textures to accept numpy arrays as data source (by Martin Spacek)

* Update to work with PyOpenGL 3

* Changes so to reflect standard idioms on Python project layouts: src/
directory renamed to VisionEgg/ (but .c files need to be moved back to
src/), use 'package_data' distutils argument. This enables setuptools to
work with the Vision Egg.

* QuickTime movies work in Windows (need to check on OS X).

* FilledCircle stimulus is now anti-aliased. Thanks to Peter Jurica and
Gijs Plomp.

* Added demo/texture3D_alpha.py
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