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  • From: Andrew Straw <andrew.straw@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 08:19:49 +0100

Hi Angelique,

On 3/2/11 2:38 AM, Angelique Paulk wrote:
I was wondering about creating a three dimensional landscape using
Vision Egg.  We wanted to have a closed loop setup with an insect
running on a ball controlling the translation and rotation through and
environment.  Would using the texture drum setup be best or is there
another way to 'create' a fictive three dimensional environment.

It's certainly possible, but there's no support in the VE for automatically building a virtual 3D landscape. Instead, you would have to manually create all visible objects out of 3D textured rectangles whose coordinates you'd pass in yourself manually. This is a reasonable approach for low numbers of rectangles, but doesn't scale well to more complex environments, in which case you really want what's called a scene graph.

And then there's the issue of calibrating the display so that the spatial representation of the objects is correct. This could be done by approximating your drum with a series of rectangular projection screens, each showing the output of a camera pointing in a different direction within the virtual world. Again, it's possible in the VE, but involves a lot of manual setup.

I hope that helps and I wish I could name an out of the box solution, but unfortunately I don't know any...

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