[visionegg] Pylink (by SR Research) - Eye tracking in Python

  • From: Andrew Straw <andrew.straw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 08:41:30 +1030

SR Research, the makers of eye tracking hardware and software, have released Pylink. This is a Python API for their eye tracking hardware.

Pylink can be used with the Vision Egg!

According to SR Research:

Pylink allows for tracker control, real-time data access, and external
synchronization with eye data via custom messaging.

    Many people find Python to be a simpler, yet still powerful,
    alternative to C.  Pylink can also be used in combination with the
    excellent third party open source Vision Egg software; providing a
    combined visual presentation and eye tracking scripting package.

Distributed with Pylink is a modified Vision Egg demo using realtime tracker data to move a Gaussian-windowed grating in a gaze-contingent fashion. Following this example, it should be easy to create other VisionEgg/Pylink scripts for a variety of vision experiments involving eye tracking.

SR Research is online at http://www.eyelinkinfo.com/
Pylink is at http://www.eyelinkinfo.com/mount_software.php#Python

I've updated the webpage with this great news.


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