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  • Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 22:13:21 +0100

Hello Joe,

I haven't been long here so my way of doing it may be different?!  Towards
the bottom of the page, www.meteireann.ie >, You will read the forecast for
today, tomorrow, three-day, and a little further.  Are you using a specific
service from this site?

[Can anyone tell me what a 'small craft warning' indicates?  It seems
to have come into use in weather forecasts fairly recently.  Does it mean, 
possibly dangerous wind-speeds  for pleasure boats?]

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hello friends, i think this may have been discussed on this list before, but
i am having trouble trying to access the met eireann website, i don't always
have the time to listen to the forecast on radio, so am anxious to be able
to look for tomorrow's weather before going to bed, but this website has me
really perplexed, [and that's pretty easy to do] can anyone help or make
suggestions please???  travel safely, joe.

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