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That was very interesting Maureen.  It does not give the cost.  Have heard a 
lot of people talk about it but I have several DAISY players so may give it a 
miss though it sounds very tempting.  

Of interest is the fact that now Talks 4.0 has a built in d2go DAISY player so 
again one can transfer DAISY books from PC to phone and listen on the move.  My 
N96 has the potential for 32 GB, currently 16 GB with a slot for a 16 GB card.

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  Derry the below might give you some idea with regard to the Victor Reader 




  HumanWare is proud to introduce VICTOR READER STREAM, the powerful digital 
talking book player. 

  VICTOR READER STREAM is designed as an advanced high performance DAISY, MP3, 
and NISO player for students, professionals, or on-the-go people who have 

  reading needs. It allows you to transfer content from your PC to its 
removable flash memory card and provides advanced navigation of multiple 
formats including

  DAISY, MP3, NISO and electronic text.


  Additional Detail for Victor Reader Stream

  Hours of uninterrupted reading


  Since you will not want to stop using it, Victor Reader Stream comes with 
rechargeable batteries providing up to 15 hours of uninterrupted listening time.

  So long trips become the perfect time to catch up on


  Your books and music go everywhere with you


  Image of Victor Reader Stream being used with headphones on-the-go

   Since it is ultra-compact and sleek, you can take it everywhere. No need to 
bring CDs with you. it stores everything in its SD memory card. Only the size

  of a deck of cards, it fits in the palm of your hand and can easily be 
carried in a pocket or clipped on your belt in its attractive case.


  User Interface


  Image of SD Card being inserted into the Victor Reader Stream

   Victor Reader Stream uses the popular Victor Reader 4-arrow keys for 
advanced DAISY navigation allowing you to move through the book by chapter, 

  page, and user defined bookmarks. The arrow keys are intuitive to learn and 
do not require memorization of multiple key chords. This style of user interface

  has been proven with over 8 years of world wide Victor Reader experience.


  Packed with DAISY functions


  This little player packs a mighty punch, offering high performance and 
advanced DAISY navigation. Victor Reader Stream gives you access to a book with 

  speed, flexibility and accuracy of reading a printed book. Full control is at 
your fingertips.


  Victor Reader Stream Key Features

  list of 13 items

  . State-of-the-art DAISY, DAISY/NISO, MP3 player 

  . Removable SD card for storing books, e-text files, music, and voice 
recordings and audio bookmarks 

  . Portable (4.6 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches) lightweight (6 ounces) 

  . Built-in human sounding text-to-speech (Nuance Vocalizer) 

  . Voice recording capability via built-in microphone or external microphone 

  . Playback through stereo headphones or secondary small speaker 

  . USB port to transfer books and music from your PC 

  . User replaceable Rechargeable battery providing 15 hours playtime 

  . Built-in battery charger (four hours for full recharge) 

  . Includes switchable external power adapter for use in multiple countries 

  . Stylish look with high contrast keys and buttons 

  . Attractive carrying case with belt clip 

  . One Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

  list end


  Advanced DAISY Book Features

  list of 10 items

  . Four-arrow keys for navigation by chapter, section, page, and bookmarks 

  . GOTO features to jump to a specific page, heading, book or bookmark 

  . Browse bookmark list 

  . Allows navigation of multiple books, MP3 folders, and voice notes 

  . Text-to-speech allows access to electronic text 

  . Three types of bookmarking saved separately for multiple books 

  . Simple bookmark to mark a reading position 

  . Audio bookmark with recorded voice note 

  . Highlight bookmark to mark start and end of a passage 

  . Ability to play or not to play skippable elements 

  list end


  Extensive usability features:

  list of 18 items

  . Variable speed playback for both recorded and electronic text books 

  . Accelerated Fast Forward/Rewind with audible feedback; the longer you hold 
down the key the faster it moves through the book. 

  . Time Jump feature configurable to 1, 5, or 10 minutes 

  . Auto Sleep shutoff with multiple time settings 

  . On/Off power button 

  . Key lock feature 

  . Book information key 

  . Where Am I key for information on reading position 

  . Built-in user guide and Key Describer 

  . Configuration menu for setting time jump interval, DAISY skippable 
elements, and MP3 shuffle or loop play modes 

  . Audio messages for battery capacity and recharging status 

  . Illuminated (LED) indicator for power on which also blinks while battery is 

  . Built-in speech announces MP3 folder and file names 

  . Keypad, buttons, and connectors designed with high contrast and tactile 

  . SD card slot has finger depression for easy card insertion and removal 

  . Separate Volume settings for the speaker and headphones 

  . Stream automatically normalizes the selected volume setting so the volume 
level is consistent for both recorded playback and player messages. 

  . Stream is recognized as a standard Windows USB drive when connected to a 
PC. PC file transfers can be done with Windows Explorer or Stream's PC Companion


  list end


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    Hi Gavin  , Could you tell me what a Victor Reader is >



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    Hi all


    I have a Victor Reader Stream. I ripped several cd's to my computer's hard 
drive. I then transferred the files using a usb connection to my victor reader. 
I am unable to play the music on the Victor Reader. Has anyone else experienced 
the same problem? Any help or advice anyone can give is appreciated.




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