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Hi Edel.

I would agree with Flor.  When translating sentences or phrases from one
language to another, google translation tends to translate each word
separately.  The result can often not make proper sense.  If you want to
just read the translation, and just get some kind of jist, then try it by
all means, but if you need real reliability, its not really up to the job. 

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As regards language translation, I wouldn't be too sure of that. 
Computers still can't get every nuance of meaning and how a phrase is 
used sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally.

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Hi Joan Ann, Paul and Flor

Thank you for the recommendations.  I want it to translate text as 
opposed to just words so will let you know which works best.

Irish was never one of my strong subjects.  I could have done really 
well if I had the internet way back then!

Thanks again

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  Hi Edel
  You could try
  It has helped me to find words when i've had to help my nieces and 
nephews with homework.

  Joan Ann.

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    Subject: [vip_students] translation websites

    Hi again

    Can anyone recommend a website that will translate Irish to English 
and English to Irish which is reliable and preferably usable without 
downloading the programme.  And FREE of course.

    With Thanks


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