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John I am the biggest non-techy in the world and slow to learn. Certainly here in the UK the situation is this and I speak from personal experience on the recommendation of another. I have also recommended this below to others who have been successful too.

Say Ms or Mr X has a mobile phone with Talks and the Talks was put on by Vodafone then as was my experience when I went to purchase/transfer my Talks to another phone I only had £50 to pay. In the first instance Vodafone put on the Talks free of charge. I have had more phones since and each time I have contacted Vodafone and asked if I could possibly have £50 for Talks rather than them putting it on as I would have to send the phone away for a week or more etc and I could put on Talks myself immediately. I have never been refused the money as I have a contract with Vodafone. Now as for putting Talks on the phone oneself, if I can do it, forgive me anyone can. I am not being insulting here to anyone, merely stating that I am particularly stupid when it comes to things like this. for anyone who would like more detail of putting Talks on the phone please respond to this and I will post the way to do it. On a basic level let me say that for anyone who wishes to attempt to do this themselves it is necessary to get a sighted person to set the date and time first and to set the software certificate to All rather than to Signed. After that you are up and away in minutes if not seconds!

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Dear Eleanor,

 The one thing stopping Jackie from buying her own phone would be the
price.  If you want to purchase a handset without an airtime contract,
the cost can be prohibitively expensive.  And then she'd have to buy
and install the TALKS software herself.  A daunting prospect for many


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