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This mail from Joe reminds me to ask how do I transfer jaws from skype
headphones over to the regular speakers when I want to stop using the
headphones for general use of the computer

I leave skype headphones attached permanently so as the computer comes on it
defaults to the headphones.  I would like this default to remain


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hello friends, well, paul has done it again, sorted out my skype problem, o
boy, what a mess, i hadn't a clue as to how i could get out of the
situation, but the man himself with the greatest of patience sorted it out
for me, thanks paul, now, i have used skype a great deal since i installed
it some time ago, i chat with my friends around the world, phone my
relations in britain regularly, for practically nothing, and receive many
skype calls myself, incidentally, if anyone on this list wants to give me a
shout, my skype name is bollardjoe, you might not always get me, but give it
a try, skype makes the world a much smaller place, chatting to friends in
australia, south africa, and of course the US, anyway, if you haven't tried
skype, give it a go, and once again paul, thanks a million, travel safely,


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