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Hi paddy,

Brian Dalton did an excellent review of the Skype software on a recent
edition of TalkAround.

You can find this review on the website under the Audio section.

I think it featured on the September edition.

If people feel they might like a tutorial, I'd be happy to produce an audio
version.  I believe for this type of program, an audio tutorial is really
the way to go.



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Hi Paddy,

Just for anyone who doesn't know what skype is, it is a communication
program. You can download this software freely and install on your computer.
With it installed you can:
1. Make calls from your PC to anyone else's PC who also have skype installed
free of charge.

2. You can make phone calls from your PC to a house phone for a very small
charge. You  prepay on the web to use this service. For example you can pay
say 10 euros and then make calls anywhere in the world from your PC to a
house phone till that 10 euros is used up just like a mobile phone. A call
anywhere in the world would only cost you around 1-2 cents per minute which
is really good I think and the quality of the voice is excellent.

3. You can use text chat with skype also.

Yes, I use skype. As for tutorials there are none which would  instruct you
how to use jaws with skype but if you have questions as to what you want
from skype and how to do it just write them in here and I will  answer your
questions about it. There are scripts  for skype  that you  can download
which will make it more user friendly with jaws.


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Hi list member's has any body got skype and would they have a tutorial on
skype? Thanks Paddy  

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