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hi cearbhall,
thank you for your prompt reply to my email.

the information you are looking for is as follows\:

serial number,
blt 2000.

i am waiting for my charger to be returned to me from stuart, it should arrive on tuesday and i can give you more information then.

thank you for your help.

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Could you get someone to read of the power information from the label on the back of the Braille lite. I bought a new power supply for my Braille n Speak a few days before it gave up the ghost! However, I don't know if the Braille
Lite draws the same power.

If you could let me know all of the figures together with the letters that
are beside them I can work it out. would that be possible?

I live in Bray and we could arrange to meet if you want to try it out some

All the best,


T: +353 (0)1 6364364 m: 08333 23487 E: omeadhrac@xxxxxxx
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hi gary,
thanks for your prompt email, i am trying blazie at present but not holding
out much hope as they don't manufacture braille lites anymore.  where is
maplin's located do you know.

thanks for the information,


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Here is a link to the manufactures.


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On 16 Feb 2012, at 18:17, "Jenny O'Brien" <jeobrien5@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

hi fellow students,
with permission from the moderator i would like to ask for the following: i am looking for a charger for my braille lite as mine has burned out and

i can't use it.

i have asked the ncbi but to know avail so i am wondering if anyone has
one sitting in a drawer not being used would you oblige me with it.  you
could write to me through the list or off the list which ever suits.

with grateful thanks,

jenny o'brien.

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