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That depends on the Web site. If we knew the identity, we'd be able to say what is probably being looked for. Also pay attention to what preceded the form - there may be a list of particulars provided which are later to be filled in by you. I turn Forms Mode off by tapping the PC cursor, and then i down arrow, etc. This can result in more information being given than may be the case when you leave Forms Mode on. If it isn't clear the first time, read the page a few more times until it does become clearer. Don't be afraid to route JAWS cursor to PC cursor and the likes, when in doubt or difficulty.

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Hi All,

Now when I go on to certain websites which have a form field I am asked for say the surname and then the county, which is no problem, but then I go down to where it says:

"Read only, edit".

Wonder what "read only, edit" is all about and what should be done then?

I do the forms mode thing so am then expected to input something.

You don't obviously read in there but are expected to type or you won't indeed generate a result!



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