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  • Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 21:29:11 -0000

Frank I use Supernova 10 but I have never heard this before and never heard Supernova Hal say colapsed or otherwise. How can I check this out for myself?

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hi Joe

if you say yes to compacting messages
your messages will come up as for instance
you put up a question on the freelist
the next time you go to that message if there has been a reply it will say what the origional question was and if there has been an answer it will say collapsed that means that all the replys to the origional question will be in one E mail if there is a reply just hit right arrow you will hear that it is now expanded and all the messages will come up below the origional one if you go back to the origional message and hit left arrow it will collapse again and become one message when you agree to compacting it will remove all the origional e mails and send them to the bin
dont worry about this as it has made compacted duplicates
hope this helps
frank kelly
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Subject: [vip_students] outlook express message

hello friends, when using outlook express on my laptop, [you're going to get really fed up with these laptop problems of mine] i get a message that says "to free up disk space outlook express can compact messages, this may take a few minutes" now what is all that about?? right tony, adjusting the audio settings on the computer can be awkward, i use sound forge to record "focus" magazine, i have a mixer, and there seems to be a regular battle between sound forge and skype, so within the next few days i'm going to purchase a memory stick, or a USB soundcard, just a small one, that will rectify the problems that keep arising, anyway, hope someone might be able to enlighten me with regard to the outlook express message,and there's more, when i try to send an e mail to myself as soon as i send it it comes straight back to me, no delay, so i have contacted my friend and asked him to send the message again, later on tonight so that it will be on my pc in the morning, thanks for all the help, travel safely, joe.?

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