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  • Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 23:25:31 +0100

Hi David.  
Here is the direct link to the phone list 
http://www.nuance.com/talks/phones.asp      im not using talks myself yet but 
it getting to the point where i need it so i have being doing my homework on 
this. i thing the premium version is the latest im sure if you ask for this 
version they will supply it. the nokia E51 is the most popular phone it seems. 
my own personal choice will be the nokia 6210 navagator which has gps 
navagaion. as far a i know you go into a phone store and pick the phone you 
want then the store will send it away to have talks installed onto it.

regards  martin
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  hi there 
  you know if you buy a phone from vodafone do they just put a standard version 
of talks onto it for you and wold it be the latest version like version 4 and 
how would you get the premium version 
  do you know what the site address is 
  are you using talks and if so on what phone 

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    Hi David.
    The most popular phone for the talks software seems to be the nokia e51 
which is available on pre pay on vodafone and they will have the talks 
installed onto the phone for you. this phone is around 200 euro. however talks 
will work on a number of different nokia phones. if you go to the nuance talks 
website there is a list of phones there.

    i hope this helps

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      Subject: [vip_students] one question 

      hi there 
      I am wondering can anyone let me know what is the best phone for using 
talks on 
      would you ahve any idea on how much  it might cost for someone in dublin 
      if anyone can help that would be grate 


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