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Hi paul,

bingo, that worked, it makes life much easier now.

tell me, every time i save one of these recipies off the internet will it 
always come down in notepad? or is there a way to get it down in word?

many thanks 

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  Hi Susan,

  Try the following idea to have your files come up in word instead of notepad.

  1. First of all bring up the files in notepad as they usually come up in.

  2. Do a "control + letter A" to select all the text.

  3. Do a "control + C" to copy the text from the notepad file.

  4. Open up Microsoft word and  do a "control + V" to paste the text in there.

  6. Give the word file a name such as cookery recipies" and save it into my 

  Now you can repeat the above process every time and  place the recipies into 
the Microsoft word file you made above.

  Hope this might help you some.


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  hi folks

  every week I receive a magazine by email called weight watchers that have 
recipes in it, I go on line by using the link given in the email and get these 
recipes. however when I save the web page that has a particular recipe on it 
that I want to put in to a folder that I have in my documents, it saves it in 
notepad and because of this I find it hard to read it.  I hope I have explained 
myself ok, but how can I save it so it will read as if it was just a word 



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