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  • Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 19:40:09 -0000

Hi Edel,

Not surewhich phone network you are with.  I am with Vodafone and whenever I 
was buying a phone I needed talks on I went to a vodafone shop and asked for 
the phone with talks installed on it.  I would have to wait a few days or a 
week for it to come in but they could do it.  Buying a phone and talks separate 
is an option though.

Not sure if they could provide you with a demo.

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  Here I go again

  My nokia 3010 is going to die very soon and as I am not having any luck 
finding anything as good as regards print quality.  I am wondering what's 
involved in using talks.  Do you buy the programme and install it on a 
particular phone or do you buy the whole package together and is there anywhere 
that one can go for a demo of this technology.  I assume it's not readily 
available in mobile shops.  I've never seen / heard it in action so any advice 
much appreciated.



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