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Hello Susan and Eleanor,

I haven't come across the Nokia c5 yet, I am posting a review I came across on another list.


I was playing with a Nokia C5 the other day. So I thought I would give some
people a description of the phone.

This is a candybar stile phone.
On the top of the phone going from left to right is the 3.5MM AV Headset
jack. Then the Micro USB port and on the right the 2MM AC power plug. This
phone can charge by both the Micro USB and 2MM ports.

Going down the right side of the phone you have the Volume up and down
button. Then down near the bottom normally whare you find the camera button
on most N-Series phones! There is a door. This door is for the Micro SDHC
card. It opens from the bottom and swings up towards the top of the phone.

The speakers on the phone are on the bottom of the phone. There is nothing
on the left side of the phone that I found.

Now to the front of it.

Below the screen you have your standard 5 way scrole arrow pad. To the Left
and Right of this area, you have three keys. ON the Left you have SoftKey1,
Razed button for Menu, Then call. On the Right! You have SoftKey2, Razed
Clear/delete and End-call. Yes the Menu and Clear keys are razed.

Below this is the standard 3 by 4 keypad.

The Sim goes in the phone below the battery and slides down into a slot just
like the N73 phone does. The cutoff corner goes to the bottom left if you
have the top of the phone pointing away from you.

The external speakers on this phone aren't very good. Talks volume 10 is
like Talks volume 6 on the N95 dash 3. talks responds good on this phone. I
didn't have any trouble with the contact program as far as being able to
access the contacts. I didn't get a chance to play with the phone more being
it was a friends phone he had me configure for him. I didn nore each time
you put a sim in the phone it will ask you about setting up EMail, and ask
if you want to use the phone switch program and the like. The prompts for
the Home City, Date and time are the same. I had no issues there. After
that, I jsut kept pressing the End-call button to close each screen until I
was able to get standard tones when I pressed Numbers. I was able to install
Talks with no sighted help on the phone and knowing nothing about the phone
before now.

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hi folks,

i got a new c 5 yesterday and i took the simm card out of my old phone, the n73 and put it in my new phone, c5. only to find that although i could open my contacts and when i went to select a name and number it just jumped back to the front screen.

hope this makes sense.

best wishes


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