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That is not a capital offense! 

Some wonderful folk on this list in NCBI and other have done that;   now let's 
not lose them! 

Don't know if there is a way to block auto response messages like that to 

Don't forget the delete key when you get repeats such as that! 

Anyway there are two great mods moderating this list doing a wonderful job so 
let them get on with dealing with whatever!!! 

Relax and enjoy the long weekend. 


Tony Sweeney

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  not again........
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  > Thank you for your mail. I am on leave until December 1st 2010. I will 
  > respond to your email as soon as possible on my return.  Should your 
  > require assistance in the meantime please contact the Limerick office at 
  > 061 310818.
  > Regards
  > Colette Quinlivan

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