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hi, You could try and see if you have the language setting in the rotor. To
do this you place two fingers spaced apart in the centre of the screen and
twist them as if they were on the face of a wheel. this should move the
setting through "characters", "words", "headings", etc. until it says
"language". Stop at "language" and then swipe down once, This should change
the voice if the setting is still active.

All the best,


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hello friends, sunday morning, so i don't expect anyone to read this today,
but just in case, the voice i had on my mobile was "irish english"  which
the guy in the o 2 shop set up for me, i like it, but now the stupid phone
has for some reason or other gon to the bbc british english, don't like that
voice, where do i go to change it? this has happened before, and i took it
in to the shop to the aforementioned guy, but i don't want to do that again,
any help will be really appreciated, o, another problem, when my friends
call me on skype on my mobile it won't answer, just keeps on ringing,
despite my tapping, swiping, sliding, cursing, etc. any suggestions?  take
care, travel safely, joe.

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