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Hi Joe,
You have answered your own question, just forward the message to your own
email address. As soon as you send the message, close down outlook express
on the laptop and go to the desktop PC. Now check for new mails there and
you should have the message come in. I do this all the time.


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hello friends, and i hope this coming  year will be a good and stress free
year for all of us, now, i'm still learning about my laptop, and here's
something that is puzzling me, i got an e mail from a very good friend of
mine in the states, i opened up my outlook express this morning and found
his e mail there, i was on my laptop at the time, i want to transfer the e
mail on to my desktop, how do i do that?? i'm not explaining this very well,
the e mail he sent me contains scripts for a programme i have on my desktop,
but at present they are sitting on my laptop, i did think that perhaps i
could send the aforementioned e mail to myself and open it on my desktop,
would that work? one of my new year resolutions is to seriously improve my
computer education, so watch this space, can anyone help, travel safely,


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