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  • Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 18:45:45 -0000

Yes, sending it to yourself would be an option Joe but maybe another thing to 
consider in the future is to purchase a USB stick so you can transfer things 
from the laptop to the desktop without sending emails all the time.  All you 
would have to do is to save what ever it is on the memory stick  and then it 
will plug into a USB point on your desktop and appear like another drive and 
you can then save the files to the desktop in that way.  

Cheers and a happy new year, Nicky.  

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  Hi Joe, 

  I have had to send emails to myself on occasion when say changing computer! 

  The thing to remember is to shut down your email client as soon as you send 
otherwise it will come in to your laptop again! 

  Happy new year! 

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    hello friends, and i hope this coming  year will be a good and stress free 
year for all of us, now, i'm still learning about my laptop, and here's 
something that is puzzling me, i got an e mail from a very good friend of mine 
in the states, i opened up my outlook express this morning and found his e mail 
there, i was on my laptop at the time, i want to transfer the e mail on to my 
desktop, how do i do that?? i'm not explaining this very well, the e mail he 
sent me contains scripts for a programme i have on my desktop, but at present 
they are sitting on my laptop, i did think that perhaps i could send the 
aforementioned e mail to myself and open it on my desktop, would that work? one 
of my new year resolutions is to seriously improve my computer education, so 
watch this space, can anyone help, travel safely, joe.

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