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Hi Eleanor, Joan Ann, Joe and All
I will no doubt be the big bore at our office Christmas party this year,
because my favourite subject at present is MP3 players, or I think it should
be more correctly referred to as portable digital media devices especially
where the Blind are concerned, because they can do so much more than just
play an MP3!
I bought an iAudio x520 from Back To The Future at a price then about a week
ago of 299 euro.  I should say at this stage that I was able to reclaim the
vat of about fifty one euro from Revenue which I received this morning.  Yes
they were really quick there!
The shop were very helpful and did install Rockbox.  Just to mention that if
you have say XP for example you won't need drivers, but if you have an
ancient OS like Windows 98 like I have, you will have to have drivers
installed.  The shop kindly did that for me.
Very helpful and busy as the shop are, they could only install Rockbox
speaking letter by letter, and not by speaking words.
They have asked me to seek out info on the programme Voicebox, so they
possibly are not too familiar with that at present.
Another thing is that in my opinion the Cowon Global iAudio site is not very
accessible so you might  need to be a little patient when exploring the
buttons for operating the device or get sighted assistance.
I'm looking forward to having more time over the holiday to have the iAudio
fully up and running, using it as an extra drive on my PC for example
gathering together all my music and recordings  in one place.
Finally folk just decide what you want from a player, learn as much as you
can beforehand and go for it!
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> hi joan ann, i am currently using the i audio,it is superb, i got the 20
> gigabyte model, i did however get tremendous assistance from stuart lawlor
> at NCBI, also, dave in the   "back from the future"  shop couldn't have
> more helpful, i also have c dex software on my computer, when you purchase
> the i audio from "back from the future" rockboxspeaks really really
> but stuart installed "voicebox"  for me, and now i can understand what is
> being said, it names the individual tracks, and the quality is really
> just want to say thanks to stuart for his help and interest, travel
> joe.

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