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  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 10:57:40 +0100

Hello Susan,
try the following to remove your cookies.
1. Go onto the desktop with keys, "windows key + M".
2. Press the letter "I" for to highlight Internet Explorer icon.
3. Press and hold down the "left alt key" and then press the "enter key"
once. Now remove your hands.
You will now be in the properties section of Internet Explorer where you can
make different settings changes.
4.  If you are using "Internet Explorer 7" like I am here then you need to
press the "tab key" three times in order to get to the "delete files
button". Once you hit the "spacebar" on this button you will then be
presented with more buttons, one of which will be for deleting cookies.
5. Tab to this button and press the "enter key" and you will be asked if you
are sure you wish to remove the cookies, tab to yes and press the enter key.
6. If you re using "internet explorer 6" then  after you have pressed the
"alt + enter key" combination just "tab along" till you come to the cookies
button and hit the spacebar on it to achieve the same results.
Note: Please remember that cookies aren't necessarily bad. They are some
cookies that  are used perhaps by your bank if you are a person who uses
on-line banking or perhaps on-line shopping with Tesco. They use cookies to
identify you  on their websites.


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Hi Paul,
How do I delete my cookies? or is this done when I run ad-aware and spybot?
best wishes


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