[vip_students] Re: computer freezing

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Hi Jennny, 

Flor has the right idea but! 

Like myself in the past my tower was ten years and started to "give up the 

Yes resussatation
  was called for but no joy! 

  Too many upgraded software in a tower which couldn't really take such! 

  Don't know if NCBI can help but they will certainly help you with the recycle 
and dispose of it for you! 

  Have a look around and you will be pleasantly surprised with what new is 
around now! 

  Laptops aren't not too expensive now and of course netbooks and if you are 
going to "splash out" then the iPhone perhaps. 

  Good luck with all that. 


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  Hi Jenny,

  This could be the problem. Are your computer fans still working 
  properly? there are two. One of them is for the power supply; the other 
  is for the computer itself. Sometimes, in a situation where a fan isn't 
  working properly, either because it's dirty or malfunctioning, to avoid 
  overheating the computer will switch itself off. (They continue to work 
  intermittently, until eventually they stop working mostly, then stop 
  altogether, when things become too hot.) When fans are working 
  correctly, you should feel a breeze blowing through the vents on the 
  back. If that is less than it should be or is non-existent then it's 
  time to get it cleaned or a new fan. Your computer shop will be able to 
  check it out.

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  > hi to the list,
  > can anyone help me please,
  > when i turn on my computer everything is in order until i read a 
  > couple of emails and bingo my computer freezes for no good reason.
  > i turn it off from the tower,  but each time i turn it back on i just 
  > get a buzzing sound and nothing happens, this occurs at least 4-5 
  > times and then it works perfectly.
  > as you can imagine it is very frustrating.
  > i am using "jaws 9" and "windows xp home addition" i also have avast 5 
  > which updates each day.
  > any thoughts would be much appreciated but could i ask any 
  > explanations in simple language as i am certainly not a computer buff.
  > thanks for any help.
  > jenny o'brien.

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