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Hi Susan,
I have many gadgets from cobal including a talking 10 ft steel rule that
can read in inches or mms at a press of a button: i have atalking
thermomater that is very accurate for use on yourself or children. I
have a talking indoor/outdoor talking thermometer for the weather. I
actually hav three of these as I have one in the house and one in my
radio shack and one in my holiday home. I also have a talking bathroom
scales all from Cobal, which I ordered through Breda Dowlihng in NCBI. 
Another must-have is a talking colour detector, again very reasonably
priced for what it does and apart from telling you the colour of the
clothes you wear to four degrees of shade, it can also with suitabel
care, read the colour of electric wires for the likes of us D I Y
I have found that most of the BT phones of any type including cordless
from Argus all have built in speech that announces every function and
perfectly usable by a totally blind person like me. I particularly like
the beep it gives if a voice message is left. Very handy indeed.
Lastly, the gadget to measure your paper money is invaluable and cheap
Regards to all,
Aedan O'Meara. 

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hi folk,
here is the limk for cobolt systems the organisation that i get my
talking timers from.
cobolt also do talking watches, clocks and much much more, i actually
prefer there items as the speech is much clearer than those from the
best wishes

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