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Hi Edel,
Thanks for responding to my query.  As I have only very recently got broadband 
I was curious as to what was checked or unchecked on my computer, and saw that 
all three items on the list were checked.  Anyway, I left well enough alone as 
everything is working fine and just asked the question.  Isn't this the great 
thing about this list.
Kind regards,
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  Hi Noreen

  Those instructions were in response to a problem I had when changing to 
outlook express from another programme.   Each time I opened outlook express I 
got a dialog box which invited me to connect (like the old dial up) and if I 
didn't follow the prompt, the programme would freeze.  It was a bit of a 
strange phenonamon but Paul sorted me out over the phone.  If I remember 
correctly I had to change the settings in my account under the tools menu of 
the outlook toolbar.  

  I'm sure Paul will advise but If your not having a problem and your bills are 
not reflecting one, then I'd say your ok.  



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    Hi Paul,
    Though I have no difficulty with broadband I just checked out your 
instructions below to find that all three items on the list are checked on muy 
computer.  Should I leave well enough alone or uncheck all except, never dial a 

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      Hi Edel,

      Try the following;

      1. Go to the desktop and press letter "I" for internet explorer.

      2. press the application key on it, "third out from right of spacebar".
      3. Arrow down to properties and press the enter key.
      4. When it opens up press keys "control + tab" about "4 or 5 times" till 
you hear it say connection page.
      5. Now tab along till you come to a little group of checkboxes which 
should read as follows;
      *. Never dial a connection.
      *. Always dial my default connection.
      *. Dial a connection when  no network is present.

      From the above group you should choose "never dial a connection" as now 
you are permanently on-line and have no need anymore for a dial-up connection.

      This may stop the behavior you are experiencing.

      When you have made your selection, just tab to the "ok button" and press 
the enter key.


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      Subject: [vip_students] broadband connection

      I switched to broadband and I'm having to connect everytime I switch on 
or go from one programme to another.  

      Is this normal.  Can I change settings that it is always on or is it a 
task for eircom.  I havn't met anyone else who has to connect each time they 
switch on???

      Thanks for any advice



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