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I think you have to block each individually but could be wrong.  Are you using 
Spamfighter?  If yes, you can highlight each one in turn and block them that 
way too then next time an e-mail comes from that person or that address it will 
go in to the Spamfighter folder.  My initial sentence referred to blocking in 
message rules in Outlook Express butyou may be using Outlook and I do not know 
how that works.

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  is there an amount of people that you can add to your block senders list.  I 
have loads of people advertising stupid things in my email box. I don't know 
how they got my email address as I am very weary of what sites I sign up as I 
know the consequences of signing up to some of them. many thanks in advance.


I am using the free version of SPAMfighter.
We are a community of 6 million users fighting spam.
SPAMfighter has removed 1382 of my spam emails to date.
Get the free SPAMfighter here: http://www.spamfighter.com/len

The Professional version does not have this message

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