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Indeed flor. Maybe someone from NCBI can also help Vincent and verify that he was unable to see what actually happened. I had a real bad experience with my nephew who is sighted. I trusted him to download FREE ringtones on to my mobile. He is in his 20s!!! He did this and even when he did he did not do it properly so I never had the use of them. The mobile phone shop could not sort them out for me. At the same time he must have ticked a box and every few days £5 was taken from my pay and talk mobile. I had to go in to the shop eventually and say I do not even have to use my mobile phone but money is taken out of it!!! Anyway they were able to sort it for me and said I obviously had ticked a box saying x y and z. I denied it because I had not a clue what was going on or what had gone on. Had to suffer the financial loss but it was not as much as Vincent's. I think I began to wake up to it after about £20.00 was taken. I wish vincent all the luck in sorting out this problem.

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Here's my take. I think if i were you I'd do a few things. One might be to
ring paul working.  Another would be to have someone expert visit you and
your computer and see what was downloaded, and what's going on now.  If,
after all the computer expertise available has been consulted, you still
feel that you have a case of having been ripped off, have the credit card
holder get on to their bank and ask the bank to help them claim a refund
from the credit card company.  (This may be difficult, or impossible to
negotiate, at this stage.) But the first things to do are to find out what
exactly you downloaded.  (It sounds to me as if you downloaded  - and
unwittingly agreed to pay for - something else  - a firewall, anti-spam,
RealPlayer Premium, that sort? - besides the Avast antivirus program.)

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can someone tell me please. I was told from Paul to use avast for my
computer which I did. I downloaded it and was using it the last few weeks
with no problem. I paid ?80 subscription at the end of the payment page it
said this is a once off payment only. the problem im having now is I used
someone else's credit card and two months of ?12 was taken out of the card from a company call download .com which I did not agree to. and they wanted
to take ?12  every month. its not the money that worries me its the fact
that I was told there was only a once of payment to be made. so I rang them and canceled it he told me on the phone that I would be not entitled to any
more upgrades for my avast so I agreed it was not my credit card. now my
avast has stopped working and my computer is open. now I paid the money for avast and I am being told that I have to pay more. how is this I feel ripped
off. what can I do is there a free version of avast or what will I do.
please help many thanks.


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