[vip_students] Re: avast question for paul or others

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Hi Vincent Avast is free to home computer users for a prtiod and it then
needs renewal  . Were u using it professjonally ? Derry
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can someone tell me please. I was told from Paul to use avast for my
computer which I did. I downloaded it and was using it the last few
weeks with no problem. I paid €80 subscription at the end of the payment
page it said this is a once off payment only. the problem im having now
is I used someone else's credit card and two months of €12  was taken
out of the card from a company call download .com which I did not agree
to. and they wanted to take €12  every month. its not the money that
worries me its the fact that I was told there was only a once of payment
to be made.  so I rang them and canceled it he told me on the phone that
I would be not entitled to any more upgrades for my avast so I agreed it
was not my credit card. now my avast has stopped working and my computer
is open. now I paid the money for avast and I am being told that I have
to pay more. how is this I feel ripped off. what can I do is there a
free version of avast or what will I do. please help many thanks.

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