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  • Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 14:38:52 +0100

Hi Flor

I have jaws 10 the full version. i have it on this pc which is windows vista i also have it on another pc which is windows xp and i have now installed it on an old pc which has xp pro and it works fine on all three computers. i am not aware of a home and a professional version of jaws i thought there was only the full version and the demo version. i will however look inte this further.

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The poinbt I'm making is that there are two full or purchasable versions
of JAWS JAWS standard and JAWS professional.  The standard purchased
JAWS will not run on XP Pro for more than 40 minutes a go.  The (free)
demo is just that, running for 40 minutes a go on any Windows OS.  -

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Hi Flor

you have made a good point there. there is two versions of jaws. however
40 minute version is purly a demo that can be downloaded for free but
run at a limited capasity on both windows home and professional.  The
version of jaws will also run in full on both home and professionas
of xp and also on windows vista.

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There are two different versions of JAWS; the 'home' and
The Home version will run only as a demo for 40 minutes on Windows XP
pro, Windows media Center, and a couple of Windows Vista enterprise
editions.  JAWS Professional is more expensive than the JAWS Home.

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Hi Petrina.

I know a few people who have had problems with that avast. they were
getting a lot of warning notices with it and it also blocked a lot of
stuff on them.  my advice to you would be to remove avast and buy a
anti-virus software like norton of mcafee. i use norton myself and
had a problem with it in the past 4 years.  your jaws should work on
both home and professional version of xp.


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 hi my computer has avast on it. when I switch on the machine a pop up
comes up to tell me it needs to be updated. when I click on this it
offers me a version for about 40 or 50 euros. Is there any way I can
update this fre or do I just  go ahead and buy this?

 thanks in advance

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