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  • From: "John Lynch" <johnlynch7@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 12:31:37 -0000

Good Afternoon Eleanor and how do you do today now?

Good news, Joe has answered your email over the irelandvipnews list, so if you 
go thither, you'll find same.  Hope this helps.


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  I e-mailled audioview and Joe Bollard with regard to Audio view but did not 
have a response.  Would anyone know why!?  I think if my subject is not of 
interest maybe I would at least have an e-mail back in this regard.  I know 
that Audioview is not a concern of the list, but someone might have an 
explanation as to why I might not have received a response, e.g. Joe bollard is 
indisposed currently.  Thanks.

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    Subject: [vip_students] audioview 

    eleanor, the e mail address for "audioview"  is audioview@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
take care, travel safely, joe.

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