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Hi Eleanor,

i thought there was some equality act alright.

The girl(a lady in the office but not the teacher him/herself)   said that 
there would be some visual and hand movements used in the TEFL training which 
helps foreign students to learn english...it's apparently a particular of 
technique that's used to teach a language.

Maybe, if i try to find out from a teacher of TEFL, some adaptions may be made.

Thanks for your email Eleanor,

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  Yes the teacher is discriminating against you and as I understand it there is 
the Equality Act 2000 in Ireland.  Did you not ask the person why you would not 
be able to do the course.  On a practical level you may require an Assistant 
Worker because if the students are doing hand-writing, it will be necessary for 
you to check their writing in class.  On the other hand if it is spoken only, 
cannot imagine why you could not do it.

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    Subject: [vip_students] another non computer question

    Hi Folks,

    i'm finding it hard to source some information regarding the TEFL course 
and so i am going to ask yourselves out there.

    I'm wondering if it's possible for a blind person to do the TEFL (teach 
English as a foreign language) course ? has anyone any idea ?  Does anyone know 
if a blind or visually impaired person has done this course ?

    I rang a TEFL provider about attending such a course and they told me that 
i wouldn't be able to do a TEFL course as i'm blind.  I had thought that blind 
and visually impaired people are entitled to attend any course available to 
fully sighted people.

    Sorry Paul for using this medium to ask a non computer question.



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