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Are you talking about the VRT if so I tried that when My wife and myself went 
to get a new car..
with no luck. When I rang I was told I would have to be minus a limb, and I 
wasn't going to do that for a new car.
Although the trader did tell me that he knew lots of people who bought cars 
from him who were not visibly disabled.
Let us know if you have any luck. 
All the best 
Let us know if you have any luck. 
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  Hi all,

  i'm wondering does anyone know of a tax relief for blind or visually impaired 
people when buying a new car ?  Apparently it applies  when their family or 
partner can drive the new car on behalf of a blind or visually impaired person.

  I don't want to waste any vip space so, if anyone has any information about 
this tax relief you can email me on


  I very much appreciate any information regarding same.

  Thank you in advance,


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