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  • Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 21:47:35 +0100

    Hi Tony.

This was my reply to a question on how to quickly find an old email within
either the in box or sent items.  Press alt and the letter i (jaws then asks
you to press forms mode and input the search criteria, for example the name
of the sender you are looking for, the subject line, or part of the email
text) , then tab to find and enter).

I didn't bother including the bit within brackets as jaws supplies the
information when you press alt and i.  The win F search command is, as you
point out, a very handy one to know.  The alt and i command is particularly
useful if you keep a lot of emails in say your sent items box and want to
find one quickly .


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  Now unfortunately the message is gone from my deleted items folder!

  Now I for one am not making an issue here, out of sensitivity for the
feelings of the person who wrote that erroneous reply!

  I am continuing to go carefully with this!

  Now if people are happy with erronious answers to questions on this list
then that is their prerogative, but I won't be part of it I assure you!

  The question though was in relation to doing a find for Paul t's 'emails
to the list and it was stated by a lister, whom I won't name, that they
should press alt and the letter i and then press enter!

  This was of course wrong!

  Alt i would be for if you want to insert an attachment!

  By the way should anyone find that erroneous email perhaps they could
email it to me off list, and not to the list, please?

  Sorry to be going on,  on a bank holiday weekend but I had only intended
to send one gently rebuking email on the subjectt
  but I had to clarify to you after your email back!

  Now I think I will take a Saturday evening stroll!!

  All the best,

  Tony Sweeney.

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    Hi Tony,

    I didn't see any question lately on the list about "Windows Find" -
which one was that?

    Perhaps it would be best that if you thought that a reply to a
particular question was
    "erroneous" that you could query it as it may have been a knowledgeable
piece of information relating to some other particular issue, which could be
stored away for future reference.

    as you have said yourself "I must confess that we can all get things a
little wrong at times, but it is important for any list to Endeavour at all
times to maintain it's integrity.!

    Best wishes,


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    Hi All,

    Another lister posed a question to this  list re Windows Find and the
answer given by another lister was in my opinion erronious having tried it

    The answer to the Find question is: press the Win key and the letter f,
and tab from there and the rest should be self-explanatory!

    I must confess that we can all get things a little wrong at times, but
it is important for any list to endeavour at all times to maintain it's

    Enjoy the long weekend!

    Tony Sweeney.

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