[vip_students] Re: Vacation Status for Lists

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Good Work Bert  Derry

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Hello Eleanor  and list,
 here are some useful list commands for setting vacation mode and so on.

Firstly,  to use any of these commands send an email to:

It is important to note that you should not use the normal address  for
posting to the list.   If you do, your message will be sent to everybody
the list, and your command will have  no effect on your subscription.

The command should be included in the subject line of the message.
There is
no need to  include any information in the main body of the message.

In the below list, I have included the command to use.  In each case use
email address

to send the command.

1.  subscribing/unsubscribing:

to unsubscribe from the list use the command:


to subscribe to the list, use the command


2.    vacation mode:

If you are going on holidays you can temporarily set the list not to
you emails while  away.  You can then unset this when you return.  Note
you are not unsubscribed from the  list by using this command.  this
mode is
known as 'vacation mode'  and to enable it use the  command

set vacation

To return to the normal mode use the command

unset vacation

3.  Digest mode

If you don't want to receive each message sent to the list as a separate
message, you can use digest mode.  This combines all the messages for a
given day and sends them to you as a single email.
To enable this mode use the command

set digest

and to unset this mode use

unset digest

When you send any of the above commands, you should receive a
mail from the list stating whether your command was successful or not.


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Subject: [vip_students] Re: Vacation Status for Lists

> How is this done flor, how do you set up the vacation period with 
> freelists?
> Eleanor
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> Subject: [vip_students] Re: Vacation Status for Lists
>> Hi Tony,
>> It can depend on the list provider.  In the case of freelists, you
>> set
>> your vacation to, say, 7 days, or 14 days.  You will not receive any
>> messages from that list on those days for which the vacation has been

>> set.
>> yahoogroups is different.  other providers have their own rules.
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>> From: "Tony Sweeney" <tonysweeney1@xxxxxxxxxx>
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>> Subject: [vip_students] Vacation Status for Lists
>> Hi All,
>> I would like to know that when you request 'vacation from a list are 
>> those
>> emails still there for you on your return?
>> The problem is thatI am on one or two highly-trafficked lists and
>> want
>> to be confronted with hundreds of mail on my return!
>> Thanks
>> Tony
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