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Many thanks for this additional help.  I certainly have a lot to go at so you 
never know!  

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  Hi Irene,


  Here is a direct download link to a good jaws or any screen reader friendly 
application for scanning pictures and saving them into your documents folder. 
Its called irfanview and you may have to ask the RNIB assistant to download and 
install it for you but it will do nicely what you want to do:



  Of course once you have your pictures scanned you should save them as "JPG" 
files and I guess like many of us who have little or no sight, what quality 
your pictures scann up too will require a sighted person to inform us about.


  Feel free to ask me any questions about it and how to use it.


  Good luck,




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  Sorry for the delay in letting you know how I got on with the advice re 


  I got nowhere so the R.N.I.B. volunteer came last evening.  She got nowhere 
either but said it is because my scanner is not set up to send photographs and 
she didn't want to fiddle with it as it is fine for reading my correspondence.  
I will just have to send hard copies of photographs of our dogs instead.  


  Many thanks again for your help.





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