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you may be interested in the narrative TV site at


and, in particular,

Where there are old movices that you can watch, which are also described. They are free. I don't see any john waynes up there, but maybe you can ask 'em for him.

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Hi francis,

Checked out your web site for U tube went searching for my favourite film of all times the Italian Job but much to my disappointment could only get clips from the film Francis is there any web site one could download whole films to watch I love the old style films John Wayne and so on and these would probably be free of charge but i do not object to paying for them either. is it a difficult process. if not maybe you could give us all a tutorial on this process, as I could watch my film while my wife watches her own.

By the way thank you again for all your work on the newspapers and radio website it is great and has given me a new lease of life and connection with the outside world

Well now Francis not putting too much pressure on you but get your thinking hat on

Thanks again Ricky

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