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Hi Paul, 

Do you use any accessible Twitter programmes such as Mctwit for instance. 

These (folk) need only come in to play when your Twitter account has been set 
up in the way the mod advised. 

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  Here are some instructions in how I went about signing up for a Twitter 
account. I thought I would lay them out in a way that may help someone get 
started on twitter also.

  Part 1.

    1.. First thing you need to do is go to the following 

  2. Click on the "Sign up now" link.


  3.       Now you must fill in the folowing details:

  Note: when on the sign-up page, just arrow down to the first edit box and 
from there use the tab key to jump to each of the following edit boxes.

  *. Full name.

  *.Email address.

  *. A user name.

  *. A password.

  *. Confirm password.

  *. A captia which is the difficult one.

  If you don't use a browser like firefox and a  captia solving program such as 
Web Visum or another such add-on then you will need sighted help for that last 


  Part 2. (Find People You Know On Twitter)

  4.       Once you have completed the "sign-up" page and hit on the continue 
button, Twitter will offer to locate people whom you may know based on their 
email address and email address provider.

  How they do this is by searching through the different email providers such 
as Gmail, AOL etc. You will notice as you come down this page there will be a 
short list of different email providers.

  *. AOL

  *. Gmail.

  *. Yahoo.

  *. Hotmail.

  Note: If you wish to allow twitter to check out your list of contacts which 
you have contained within any of the above email providers, you will need first 

    1.. Press enter key on any one of the email providers. 
    2.. On the page that loads up , insert your  email address and password. 
  C.Tab and enter on continue.


  Note: If you go down further and don't wish to perform this task then you can 
find a button that says, "Skip this step".


  Part 3. Look who else is here. Start following them!

  This is the next step in the process of setting yourself up on Twitter.

  On this page as you arrow down through it you will come to a list of somewhat 
famous names and each name will have a checkbox after it. The checkbox by 
default will be checked which means that you as a user of twitter will be 
following these people and whatever words of wisdom they are giving to the 
world at any time of day or night. I find that if you are "following" too many 
people as we call this particular section then you could be inundated with 
notifications which you don't really want. What you can do to avoid this 
happening is:


    1.. uncheck each of the checkboxes as you move down through the list using 
the spacebar, and just leave anyone you might feel you'd like to follow by not 
unchecking the box at their name. 

  Notes:You can also just arrow down to the button"skip this step" and hit 
spacebar on it to go past thissection altogether if you choose.

  (This is what I did)


  Part 4. What are you doing? Alt+Shift+u


  5.       Now we are finally complete and are ready to take our place in the 
world of twitter. On this page you will have an edit box which you can jump 
into and tell the twitter community just what you are doing at this or any 
point in time during the day or night.

  Normally if you are a jaws user, you will land in the edit box and forms mode 
will be turned on. You can just begin writing something short and insightful if 
you like then press the down arrow to find an "update button". Press the 
spacebar on this to complete your work.


  This is just a basic introduction to twitter. There are lots more you can do 
on it.


  Hope you enjoy it.





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