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When I entered options I arrowed once from the top and got a message saying,
if you don't want to use Google instant click here, I did and went out of
it. I went back in and that message was gone. 
Is it because I'm using windows 7?

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For anyone lately who uses screen readers like Jaws, Supernova, NVDA and
even Magnification and who use these types of technologies in conjunction
with Google's excellent web search page may have noticed that for whatever
reason the stability and refinement of the Google search page interface
isn't what it used to be. I noticed this quite a bit lately and have taken
some steps to determine what might be done to help improve it and somehow
bring it back to a more traditional screen once more. After some research on
this I found out that Google was using a relatively new feature called,
"Google Instant". The purpose of this little feature is to do the following;
* Predictions and results appear while typing.
So as soon as you begin typing in your various search words, Google sets
about gathering  anything relative to the words and to my annoyance caused
disruption to my search. I just felt that the page wasn't reading correctly
and that my screen reader wasn't as accurate  as it used to be. Well I have
now resolved this behaviour and below in a short tutorial are the steps to
do it.

Note: This tutorial is not screen reader specific, anyone can use it. If you
do not feel confident about making the below settings changes then you can
always get a friend, family member or your I.T trainer to carry out the
below changes.

(Turning Off Google Instant)

1. Open up a Google search page as normal.
2. Move to the top of the page with keys, "Control + Home keys" on your
3. Press the down arrow about 18 lines and you should be now on a link which
says, "Options link". Press the enter key on this and wait a few moments for
the next page to load up.
4. When the next page as loaded up, again press the keys, "control + home"
to move to the top of the page and now press the "Tab key" till you come to
a link that says, "Search settings" and press enter key. Wait a few moments
for the page to load.
5.The page that should now have loaded up is called the "Google Preferences
Page" and here we are going to look for a heading called "Google Instant". 
Notes: Remember headings are  parts of a web page which help  break up that
page into individual components or sections. Under each heading title will
be in this case settings relative to that particular heading title so here
when we locate the Google Instant heading we will be just above the settings
we need to change. To jump to the Google instant heading, press the letter
"H" till you hear your screen reader speak the heading title of "Google
6. Once on the Google Instant section, press the down arrow till you reach
"Two Radio buttons" which will be labelled as follows;
*. Radio Button checked, use Google instant.
*. Radio Button not checked Don't use Google instant.
Notes: The arrow keys will move between these buttons for those using the
keyboard, mouse users can simply click on their choice.
7. Keyboard users, arrow down to the radio button that  says, Do not use
Google instant" and here press the spacebar to make it checked.
8. Once you have checked the appropriate radio button, the next thing is to
"Save" the settings, to do this just press the letter "B" for button if you
use the keyboard and it should jump you onto the "Save Button" or if it
doesn't then just use the tab key to move onto it, takes a bit longer to
reach but is just the same. When you reach the Save button, press the key,
"spacebar" to complete the job.
9. You may get a notification message that your settings have been saved,
just press the spacebar or enter key on the "OK" button and to complete.

At this point you're done, I suggest you close out of the Google pages and
then re-enter the normal Google search page once more. You should find a big
difference in working with the Google interface which now should act more
like it used to in the past.

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