[vip_students] Re: The N97 Mini Info

  • From: "tony sweeney" <deirton711@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2010 19:45:26 -0000

Hi Jackie, 

Sounds good! 

The querty is a great help too I'd imagine! 

A plan is often a good way to go; free calls and all that too! 

I'm just pondering how Talks behaves and is it as good say as Jaws for example? 

I'm slightly hesitating about taking up tweating as yet, as I'm probably daft 
enough anyway without it! Smile! 

In time perhaps as it appears the way to go these days; now Facebook and 
Twitter, no no! 


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  From: Jackie mcbrearty 
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  Subject: [vip_students] Re: The N97 Mini Info

  internet is also very easy to manage on the phones, i use the phone more than 
i'd use the laptop. As yet havent started to tweet i'm bad enough addicted to 
facebook. I would have totally have no life if i did both,  poor bangles would 
never get out. 
  Regarding the internet vodafone charge 99cent a day for broucing the web, if 
you dont go on line then you dont get charged. I'm ogn a plan where i get free 
vodafone to vodafone calls and texts and 2.49 mega bites of internet time and i 
pay €30 every 30 days, i find it very good as if your on the internet every day 
that works out at €6.93 which over a 30 day period would cost €29.70. I'm 
saving a fortune. 
  Hope that helps
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  Subject: [vip_students] Re: The N97 Mini Info
  From: "tony sweeney" <deirton711@xxxxxxxxx>
  Date: 06/11/2010 1:20 am

  Hi Jackie, 

  No hurries! 

  Just wondering now about surfing? 

  Emails sound like a breeze. 

  Do you use Twitter? 

  I may join that community in time but I'm not happy about Facebook, you sad 
soul Tony!!! 

  Anyone asks me, well it might take a book; perhaps a booker!!! 


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    From: Jackie McBrearty 
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    Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 7:13 AM
    Subject: [vip_students] Re: The N97 Mini Info

    Hey Tony 
     had problems with my emails but to finally anser your question i'd rather 
use the internet on the phone than use a computer. Its quick and painless. Its 
also quite easy to set up emails on the phone. I'm  now an addict on facebook 
and constantly use  this on my phone. 

    hope that helps 
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      From: tony sweeney 
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      Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2010 1:07 AM
      Subject: [vip_students] Re: The N97 Mini Info

      Hi Jackie, 

      As long as you didn't fall in too that's the important thing! 

      Enjoy that phone. 

      By the way as a follow-up how do you find accessing emails and the 
internet and all that? 

      Still kinda nerrdy myself not with internet set up on my E51 but am happy 
enough with my laptop with internet! 

      Think a phone with internet as well as on my laptop well I may afford it 
now but maybe not after Dec 7! 


      Tony Swweeney
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        Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010 1:13 PM
        Subject: [vip_students] Re: The N97 Mini Info

        Hey Tony 

        firstly, the n97mini nearly ended up in the river. but thanks to 
Eleanor it has survived to work another day. its a touch screen with a key 
board I basically went for this phone for a few reasons 

        1.  I'm addicted to technology to name but a few. 
        2 I got a €200 vouture  from Vodafone 
        3 I liked the look of it. 

        its not great  on the internet as edit fields where a problem when I 
first got it but Eleanor sorted this issue out, so rather than pressing enter 
to open an edit field pressing the volume button on the side sorts this issue 
out. the memory is good and it can also take a memory card. I'm now able to 
text and dial numbers using the touch screen once I became aware of where the 
virtual buttons where. I'm enjoying the challenge of this phone. 

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          From: tony sweeney 
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          Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010 2:37 AM
          Subject: [vip_students] The N97 Mini Info

          Hi Eleanor & Jackie, 

          I wonder if you could let us know the advantages of the N97 Mini? 

          It sounds like a good phone judging from what I hear. 

          Perhaps other listers would be interested too. 


          Tony Sweeney
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            From: Eleanor Burke 
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            Sent: Saturday, October 09, 2010 2:27 AM
            Subject: [vip_students] Re: Very strange email behaviour 

            That is a problem with you having it ticked on the computer to 
leave a copy on the server. Do you use Outlook Express or Outlook. It is on the 
Advanced tab. 
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            Subject: [vip_students] Very strange email behaviour 
            From: "Jackie mcbrearty" <donegal.jackie@xxxxxxxxx>
            Date: 23/10/2010 7:07 am

            Hey all 
            oh goody about our little friend out of the office. 
            However, not my gripe. I've attempted to set up my emails on my new 
little baby the n97mini. However, it poses a weird problem my aircom and this 
email has no issue but my team bangles address downloads all my emails dating 
back  last year, everytime i delete one set more come down. Its only doing it 
with the one email address.
            I'm confused and flustered. I always delete emails from phone and 
server so thought that meant they where gone gone never to download in another 
inbox again. I've just deleted the mailbox off the phone as it may force me to  
harm technology.  
            Well enjoy the long weekend and the out of office responces.
            jackie more confused than usual 

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