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Well said Ricky.  And so say all of us.

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I have just spent the last couple of hours going through the brillient web
site on your tutorial, on easy Linkss 
Firstly Thank you Francis for putting it there, and more importantly Paul,
We as a blind community are so lucky to have someone like you to assist us
with our tec queries.  I have always found you to be patient with me as you
know my i t skills are at best minimal.  Your work in keeping the blind
community technology operating is an inestimable service to us all 
I do know personally that was it not for the assistance I have recieved from
you Paul both at home in my workplace I would not have been able to keep my
job and thus support my family who have now all grown and moved away from
the nest.  They were brought up experiencing their Dad going out to work
each morning and coming back in the eveing just like any other household.
Thank god blindness was never an issue in our house to the extent that I
often wonder do my kids know I am blind "no pity there" the way it should
Paul people don't often say thank you to those who help them often enough so
on behalf of Kay and myself and our kids we say a very heartfelt thank you
The reason I put this out on the list was that I do not have any other line
of communication with the Blind community the debt of thanks our community
owe to the likes of Paul, Francis Bert and don't forget the lady of the
group Loretta thank you all I am proud to call you all friends although some
of you I have never met
I think you all should be nominated for awards every morning you get out of
Ricky and Kay and family 

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