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Hi Susan
I'm sorry but, i'm not sure what the UK Tesco website looks like.

Joan Ann.

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hi joan ann,

does this tutorial apply to the u k tesco site also?

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  Hi all

  I have put together a step-by-step tutorial on how to shop on the new Tesco 
website using jaws.  I am using jaws 11 with Internet explorer 8 but, the 
keystrokes should be the same for people using earlier versions of jaws.  I 
have tried to make the process as straight forward as possible using the jaws 
quick navigation keys to take advantage of headings and forms.


  I am going to begin by giving instructions on how to turn off pictures from 
being displayed in Internet Explorer as, I feel that this increases the speed 
of the Tesco site.

  1.  Go to internet explorer.
  2.  Press alt and T and then, up arrow once to internet options and press 
  3.  Press control and tab a number of times until you come to the advanced 
dialog box.  You are now in a tree view where there are different options that
  you can set to control Internet Explorer.
  4.  down arrow until you come to an option that says "show pictures".  It is 
on by default so, if you press the spacebar, you will turn it off.
  5.  Now, tab until you come to apply and press enter.
  6.  Tab until you come to the Ok button and press enter.

  Now, we'll go shopping with Tesco!

  1.  Open Internet explorer

  .  Press control and O and type in the website


  2.  Press insert and f7 to bring up a list of links.  Now, press G to get to 
groceries and press enter.

  3.  We are now at the log-in page.  Press F to get to the log-in form.  The 
first box will ask you for your e-mail address.  Fill this in, not forgetting 
to turn on forms mode,  and then press tab to get to the password field.  Type 
in your password and then, tab to the sign in button and press enter.

  4.  If you use H to cycle through headings, you will come across one that 
welcomes you to the site so, you know that you have been successfully logged in.

  5.  With the new site, it is now possible to book a delivery slot before you 
do your shopping.  You can reserve the delivery slot for 2 hours which should 
be enough time to get the shopping done.

  We will do this now.

  Press insert and f7 and then, press B until you come to "book a delivery 
slot" and press enter.

  he delivery slots are laid out in table format.  If you press T, jaws will 
bring you to a table containing delivery slots for the next 7 days.  It is 
possible to book delivery slots for a week or 2 in advance but, we won't worry 
about that for now.

  If you press control alt and right arrow, you will be able to go through the 
dates that are available.  

  When you reach the one you want, Press control alt and down arrow to read 
through the times that are available.  Jaws will say unavailable for the slots 
that have already been taken.  When you find the one you want, press the space 
bar to select it.

  Now, if you press H, you will hear jaws telling you  "The following delivery 
slot has been reserved" and if you press down arrow, you will be able to 
confirm that the delivery slot you selected has been reserved for you.

  There is a link below this if you wish to remove the delivery slot.

  6.  Now, we're ready to go shopping!

  If you press B, you will come to a button that says "begin shopping button", 
press enter on this.

  If you press H, you will come to a heading that says "this week at Tesco".  
This contains some of Tesco's special offers.  You can read through them using 
H as each product has a heading. 

  Among the offers this week is "Cadbury Dream fingers 125G".  I have pressed 
enter on this to find out what the offer is and, it is, buy one get one free!

  Press H to come to the product name Cadburys.  Now use the up/down arrow to 
read the offer.

  If you would like to add this item to your basket, Press H to get to the 
heading "add to basket".  Now, use the down arrow key until you get to "how 
many".  The next edit box has the number 1 in it and if you are happy to just 
buy one, then you would down arrow again to the add to basket button and press 

  On the groceries homepage, there are links for the Tesco shelves such as 
fresh food, bakery, frozen food ETC.  If you press l, jaws will bring you to 
the list of shelves.

  7.  If you have shopped with Tesco before, you will have had favourites, that 
is, products that you frequently buy.

  to get to favourites, you press insert and f7 and press F for favourites and 
press enter.

  You can view favourites by department, by order or by list.  I prefer viewing 
my favourites by list so I choose the link "all favourites" and press enter.

  Each product has its own heading and, there is a corresponding heading after 
it with options to add the product to the basket or remove the product from 

  My first product is "golden delicious apples loose class 1".  If I press H, I 
will be brought to the "add to basket option.  I will now down arrow until I 
come to type and down arrow again to the edit box which contains the number 1.  
I will put my forms mode on and delete the number 1 and insert the number 5.  I 
will then tab once to "add to basket" and press enter.  If I down arrow again, 
it will say "5 in basket".

  8.  The search feature of the Tesco site is quite good.  Press Insert and f7 
and press G for groceries and press enter.

  If you press F, you will get to the search form which says "I'm looking for". 
 Press enter to turn on forms mode and type in the name of a product like 
"brown bread" and press enter.  Like favourites, each result has a heading with 
a corresponding heading to add the product to the basket.

  9.  Now, it is time to review the shopping basket before going to checkout.  
Press H until you come to the shopping basket heading.  There are different 
ways to view the basket, the easiest for jaws users is "full basket view". Down 
arrow until you come to this link and press enter.

  The shopping basket is in the format of a table.  use alt control with the 
arrow keys to navigate around the table and see what products have been added 
to the basket.

  Under the table, there is some text describing how many club card points you 
have received, how much you have saved and the guide price of your shopping.

  There is a link to empty your shopping basket if you want to do this.

  10.  It is now time to part with some money!

  Press insert and f7 and then press C for checkout and press enter.

  If you use H to jump to headings,  you can read the following information 
which will have been filled in when you registered with Tesco:

  Address where shopping will be delivered

  contact details

  What time shopping will be delivered

  Now, press insert and f7 again and choose the link "proceed to summary".  
This will give a summary of your order.

  If you are happy, press B to get to the button "proceed to payment" and press 

  Press f to get to the payment form which you will fill in by turning on the 
forms mode with enter.


  You must fill in the name on card, card number, card expiry date and security 

  When details have been filled in, press b to get to the proceed to 
confirmation button and press enter.

  This completes the tutorial.

  I do hope this is of some help.  It is not the most straight forward site to 
use but, with perseverance, it is definitely possible to do a weekly shop.  I 
have not covered everything in this tutorial as that would be impossible.


  Joan Ann.

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