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  • From: "John Lynch" <johnlynch7@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 12:27:42 -0000

Hello Eleanor,

I have a wee thingamabob here now and would nearly say it's what you're after 
alright now, aye.  Never used it as couldn't find any suitable connections, but 
it was sent to me by a guy who received it from a London borough council or 
some such local authority.

The device was issued as a central heaing timer and needed to be wired (by an 
electrician) to the boiler, hence my not pursuing the matter further since I 
got it.  There are tactile markings on a dial, four things that feel like large 
watch hands, a round and oval knob and nine square holes at the back, 
presumably for connecting purposes.

If you think this is what you have in mind, contact me off list with your 
address, I'll have it sent today and see if it arrives this side of the silly 
season.  How does that sound?  And of course, couldn't let the occasion pass 
without entering into the spirit of things:

Merry Christmas to one and all,

John L

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  Hi All
  I know you are all sending out Season's Greetings and ditto from me.  
However, I do still have a question.  I have water heater on a timer here in 
Dublin but it is not a tactile timer.  I would like to replace it with a 
tactile one if possible.  The heat is electric.  The timer is mounted on the 
wall and is manual, just turning a wheel, if you understand me.  I can recall 
having such a tactile timer over 24 years ago in the UK but silly me when I had 
no longer any use for it I disgarded it.  At that time the timer may have been 
provided to me by British Gas, I just can't remember or maybe I purchased it 
and someone put it up for me.  Any suggestions most appreciated.


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