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Hi Paul,

Will I just follow these instructions each time i scan with super antie spy ware? ----- Original Message ----- From: "NCBI Technical Support" <paul.traynor@xxxxxxx>
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Hi All,
The current version of Ad-aware which is 1.06 will be discontinued in
December. While it was never the most accessible program it was fractionally
better than its replacement which is called "Ad-Aware2007" which offers no
jaws functionality at all and there are no jaws scripts available for it yet
at least. I have been researching the sources on the net for a suitable
replacement and have found the following anti spyware program to be very
good. It is totally speech friendly and does a thorough job of cleaning off spyware and various nasties from computers. However, like any other type of
antivirus or anti spyware program it is only as good as its most recent
updates. It is free to home users and there is a pro version for all other
commercial businesses. The program is called;

Super Anti Spyware and can be downloaded from the below link.


Also below Ihave drawn up a tutorial on installing the software and using it
for the first time. I will draw up a shorter tutorial in the future for
doing regular scans.

Note: Whoever is installing the software should uninstall the "Ad-Aware
1.06" software first.

Super Anti Spyware Software Tutorial

When December of this year comes the software we have been using for the
past few years which is "Ad-Aware 1.06" will be discontinued and replaced
with the new "Ad-Aware2007" which is even more in-accessible than its
predecessor. I have been scouting around to try and find a suitable
alternative and I think I have in this application which is called; "Super
Anti Spyware". There are two versions, a free version for the home user and
a paid version for corporate users. The home "free" version is perfect for
those of us who just want a good spyware detector and I think this is the
one for us. It contains no ad-ware or spyware itself as some of these things
do and that was important when researching for something to replace
"Ad-Aware". We should still continue to use spybot but having both programs
on our computers is important.
After you have downloaded the free software from the link given you now must
install it..
1. Go to the location on your hard drive where the software package was
downloaded to and press the enter key on it.
"You will be told to close up all other running programs such as email etc".
2. Hit enter key on the next button.
3. Next is the license agreement. There will be two radio buttons which
you can locate by using the tab key. The default button is "I disagree", you must press the down arrow to the "I agree button". Now tab to next and press
the enter or spacebar.
4. The next step will ask you for some user information. It is not
necessary to worry about filling in this section so just tab to the "next
button" and press enter key.
5. Now you will be asked for the destination folder where the
installation will install the software, just press enter key or spacebar on
the next button to continue and allow it to choose for itself.
6. This step will ask you if you are sure that all the previous
information you entered is correct and you are happy with it, just tab to
the next button and the software will begin installing.
7. When the software has been installed it will come up with the
"finish button" just press the enter key or spacebar on this to finish off
the installation.

(The updating process)
Like all anti virus or spyware programs, this software is only as good as
it's most recent updates. It is important that you always check it and make
sure it has downloaded the most recent updates. In this portion of the
tutorial we will look at what Super Anti Spyware is asking from us just
after we have finished the installation.
1. You will be presented with the Super Anti Spyware update screen on
the first run of the program.
2. The question you will be asked is do you wish to check for updates
now? you must tab to the "yes button" and press spacebar or enter key".

Note: Once you have pressed on "yes" the program will inform you that it is
going on-line to check for the most recent updates. Generally it will find
some and this process will take a little time which it will tell you about
in the form of percentages. Allow it to complete this part of the process
and then move onto the next step.

3. When the update process has finished the Anti spyware wizard will
come up and prompt you to go to the next button. Press enter or spacebar and
we will move onto the next screen.
4. In this section you will be prompted for your email address. Note
that this is optional and you don't have to put in your email address if you
do not wish too. Just tab key to next and press enter key.

(Automatic Updating)
SUPERAntiSpyware is designed to optionally check for updates when the
product starts. The Professional version will also check for updates on
scheduled intervals to ensure you have the
Latest rules and definitions to protect your computer.
On this part of the tutorial we look at making sure that the spyware program
will update our software when it is suppose too.
1. On this screen, just tab across the page and ensure that the
following items are checked;
*. Automatically check for definition and program updates.
(Sending information to the creators of Super Anti Spyware)
We are now on to the next screen which asks us about forwarding information
to the developers of the software; SUPERAntiSpyware Setup Wizard
Help stop the spread of Spyware and Viruses
Submitting a system diagnostic report helps our research lab identify
harmful graphic 329 software immediately.
Free System Diagnostic Report
If you would like to help our research labs identify potentially harmful
software that may be
Running on your computer, please consider submitting a free diagnostic
The diagnostic report does not contain any personal information such as a
logins, passwords or
Other sensitive information. It only contains a list of the programs running
on your computer.
This report is analyzed by our research center to identify harmful software.
If harmful software is
Found, we will add it to our list of software to be blocked.
There will be a checkbox here as follows:
*.Send a diagnostic report to our research center (recommended)
"This checkbox will be checked by default and I personally leave it that
2. Now just tab key to the next button and choose "next"

At this point a brief notice may come up on the screen informing you that it is sending a report, this is normal so don't worry about it. After this the
"finish button will pop up and you can press enter on it to accept.
(Protecting Your Home Page)
In this next section we are told that Super Anti Spyware wants to protect
our home pages from being tampered with by nasty types of viruses or
spyware. I think this is one of its nicer features. If you use your tab key
there will be an edit box where you can type in what your home page is, in
my case it is http://www.google.com and that is what I typed in.

Note:SUPERAntiSpyware can optionally protect your home page in Internet
Explorer from
Being changed by other applications.
Spyware and Adware applications often change the home page without your
1. Type the URL of the page that you wish to make your default home
page which appears
Each time you open Internet Explorer. You may change this at anytime in the
Protection tab of SUPERAntiSpyware which will not be discussed here.
Home Page for Internet Explorer

2. After filling in the home page section, tab to the next options.
*.Display a notification window when home page changed (recommended)
"This is a checkbox and it should be checked by default. If its not then use
your spacebar to check it."
3. The next two options are buttons and you can tab key to each of

*. Protect Home Page (recommended)
*.Do NOT Protect

Note: you must hit the spacebar or enter key on protect in order to move
onto the next screen.
4. If your home page is some other homepage rather than what mine is
and you attempt to change from the other home page to Google as I have, the
following notice will pop up;

"SUPERAntiSpyware Alert - Home Page Changed"
Home Page Change SUPERAntiSpyware has detected that your browser home page
has been changed. If
You did not make this change; you may have spyware or adware on your system.
(Before change)
Home Page for Internet Explorer (after change)
Display this notification window when home page changed
6. You will have the option of choosing either of the following
buttons, just press enter or spacebar on whichever one you want.
*. Allow Change
*. Block Change

We are now at the portion of the tutorial where we are about to be asked if we would like to scan our computer for harmful objects. Let's take a look at
this screen.
1. The focus will be placed on the "scan button" ready for you to hit
it with your spacebar and begin the scanning process. I would hold off doing
this and I will show you why I would do this as we go along.
2. The next button, "Schedule scanning" is pretty self-explanatory" and
prompts us to set up a scanning procedure.
3. The "Manage Quarantine button" allows taking a look at what items we
want to keep in there and what we want to permanently delete from it. It's
kind of like a virus vault.
4. The "Preferences button". This area is like the windows control
panel. I suggest you do not go in here and if you do, please do not change
anything till you are more familiar with the software.
5. The "check for updates" button again is self explanatory.  When you
install this software, because it is the freeware version of the program,
you will have to use this option quite a bit. I suggest at least once a week
so that you are sure to have the latest downloads of all definitions and
program updates. This is very important.
6. The "close button". Again, it does what it says and closes off the

(Scanning continued)
Now we can tab key back round to the scan button and press enter key on it.
Let's take a look at the "scan control area".
*. Perform Complete Scan;
Scans all running items, known registry locations and scans every file on
Selected drive(s). This is recommended at least once every 30 days.

*. Custom Scan
Select the areas of your computer you wish to scan for potentially harmful
When you have made your choice, just tab key to any of the buttons;
*. Scanning preferences control center.
"This allows us to set particular types of scans for the future.".
The next press of the tab key will show us a list of all drives on our
computer. If we have chosen a "complete scan" then all these items will be
checked and you should leave them that way.

Please select the drive(s) to scan and your scanning options. Click Next to
begin scanning. Graphic 422
Scan Location
C:\ - Fixed Drive (NTFS) "checked"
D:\ - CD-ROM "Checked"
E:\ - Removable (FAT) "checked"

Above is a list of the current available drives on my computer. Yours may be
different but ultimately it is all the same.
Now choose the next button and we will continue.
"Back Next > Cancel"
(The Scan Begins)
Once you have made your choices from the above list, and then you press the
enter key on the next button the scanning process will kick in.
Note: If you are a jaws user then any time you wish to know if the scan is
currently running just use keys "insert + S" to put jaws on to the "Say All"
option. Jaws will begin to read anything that is going on within the
scanning window and eventually inform you what the scanning processes doing.

You should then turn jaws back to its default option of "highlighted" using
the same keys as above as listening to jaws rattling on with info that  is
not necessary can become tiresome.

(What Controls are present on the scanning Screens?)
As Super Anti Spyware is scanning, you will have the scanning present on
your monitor. What we have on this screen is as follows;
*. A list box which contains all the items that the scanning process
discovers on your computer. This is great as you can arrow through the items and see what exactly it is that was found and if you really want to get rid
of any of the items.
*. After that all you have are three buttons, "Next, pause, and cancel".
Once the scan has finished up will pop an "ok button". This event can be
silent sometimes and the only way you may know that the scan has finished is that when you use the tab key nothing will happen or jaws will say nothing. However if you feel that the ok button is there just press the spacebar and
once again you will have a user friendly screen.
After hitting enter on the ok button you will have up a list of all items
found on your computer as follows;
You may elect to quarantine and remove an application or leave it on your
computer.  Applications can always be restored
To your computer at any time.
Adware.Tracking Cookie [24 items] Trust/Allow Item(s)...graphic 857 graphic
664 Files
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@1072498398[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@2o7[1].txt Manage
Allowed Items...
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@9551721[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@adbrite[2].txt Report
False Positive...
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@xxxxxxxxxxx[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@atdmt[1].txt
c:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@bluestreak[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@clickaider[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@doubleclick[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@fastclick[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@linksynergy[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@mediaplex[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@overture[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\traynor2\Cookies\traynor2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx[1].txt
Place a checkmark next to the items you wish to remove and quarantine. All
removed items are quarantined to prevent accidental removal of required
Any items that are unchecked will not be removed nor quarantined.
At this point you have to make the decision to keep or remove the found
items. I have chosen to remove all the items I have found during my scan so
I will go to the next button and press enter key.
We are now on the final step. If you have chosen to remove all items then
just go to the next button and press enter. After a few seconds who is taken
up by the program removing all the discovered objects into the quarantine
hold, you will get an "ok button". The screen should have the following
message on it.
*.Quarantine and Removal Complete. Click the Finish button to return to the
main menu.
Hit the spacebar on the ok button and you're done.
All that remains now is for you to enter on the "finish button" then the
"close button".
The program will close and you are finished.


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