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You will have us all talking Paul! *smile*.

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  In the past I used to sometimes have what Skype once called conference calls. 
This basically was a group of people which I picked out and  then  pulled into 
a group/conference call. It was a nice way for people to get in touch with 
other people they may not have known before or maybe just a group of friends 
talking together. Here I am going to write about creating "groups" which is the 
new name for a conference call.

  I am using Skype 4.x here for anyone who is interested.


  1.       Open up Skype from the icon on the desktop.

  2.       When Skype opens up, press keys "control + 1" to bring into view the 
contacts list.

  3.       Press keys, "alt + C" to open up the contacts menu and down arrow 
once to "new group".

  4.       Now as a starting point within Skype, using the tab key start 
tabbing across from the contacts list till you come to the link that says, "Add 

  Note: If you tab about seven times from the contacts list you will be on the 
link we require.


  5.       When on "add contacts", press the spacebar once. This will bring up 
your list of existing contacts which will include both people who are on-line 
or off-line. Also if you press tab key once you will be on a select button.

  6.       Now to add people to the group, just arrow down through your list of 
contacts and each time you come to a person you want to add into your new 
group, just tab once to the "select button" and press the spacebar.

  Note: each time you press the spacebar on the select button, your focus will 
be returned to the contacts list where you can now arrow down to another 
potential new member for your groups contact.


  7.       Once you are happy that you have added all the people you want into 
your group, from the list of names, tab over about four times and you will be 
in a new list which contains all the members you have selected for your group. 
Here you can arrow up or down through them to see just who you have and if you 
should wish to remove anyone then arrow to that person's name and by tabbing 
once you will be on a "remove button". Press the spacebar to remove the person.

  8.       Now that you have reviewed your list for the group and are satisfied 
all is as you would like it, press the tab key till you come to the "Add 
button" and press the spacebar.

  9.       Once you have pressed the spacebar on the add button, you will be 
returned to the main Skype screen. Here I want you to press the keys "control + 
1" to bring up the focus of the main contacts list as this I use as our main 
starting point. 

  10 Now tab about six times to reach the link, "add group to contacts" and 
press spacebar. Once you do this, you may hear jaws say out the names of people 
you have added into it, just ignore this and instead, type in a user friendly 
name for your group, you can call it anything you like.


   After you have typed in the name, press enter and your new group will be 
created and added into the contacts list.



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