[vip_students] Re: Saving Song Lyrics from Easylinks

  • From: "tony sweeney" <deirton711@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 13:03:27 +0100


That of course should sort out the alphabetical issue if named correctly. 

Now I feel a song coming on! (smile)! 

Cheers & thanks, 

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  Hi Tony,

  Probably the handiest way is to navigate to the top of the song using the 
letter N, this brings you to the artist and song title and then using Shift and 
Down Arrow to highlight and select the song lyrics. When you reach the end of 
the song press Control and C to copy it. Then open up Microsoft Word and 
Control and V to paste the song lyrics. You can then save the song as a word 
document with whatever file name is handiest for retrieving it later. Hope that 
helps Tony, thanks for the feedback also, it's appreciated.

  All the best,


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    From: tony sweeney 
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    Subject: [vip_students] Saving Song Lyrics from Easylinks


    I find that edition of a link for Song Lyrics in Easylinks great indeed for 
learning (relearning) favourite songs! 

    Now I wonder if anyone could give me a good tip for saving those songs 

    As the numbver of selected songs increases then I might like to access them 
alphabeticaally if that was possible. 

    Thanks for any assist. 


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