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           Hi Paul,
While on the subject of technology, which processor is best, AMD or Intel and will either suit Jaws? Hope this makes sense but I was asked this with regard to a computer at work.
Many thanks,

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Hi All,

Well its my first day back in my office after a nice Christmas break. I am
just wondering how many of you got some nice technology toys for Christmas
this year?. I have been doing some thinking about things we could look at
doing here on the list for the coming year and will let you know about some of my ideas as soon as I get then straight in my own head, that's a promise. For now though I have been thinking of creating a kind of "mobile phone FAQ" so that anyone either on the list already or who may join up at some future date could benefit from all our tips and tricks we have learned or devised since we started using mobiles with the talks speech. I will collect all of
your tips and tricks and compile them into a single document which can be
distributed around to anyone who wants it. Hopefully too in the near future
we will think about setting up a website for our group where we can have
documents and the likes  up there for anyone to access in the  event they
need a tutorial or something like that. So if I could have help from anyone
here on the list by sending in your tips for talks and your mobile phone
then that would be great. Anything from the simple to the advanced, all are

Take care all and oh before I go, a welcome to any new members who have just
joined us.



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