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Nice one. Thanks Noreen

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  Hi all,
  Now that the Irish Examiner is a country wide paper the instructions below
might be useful, especially when the paper has a text only version.
   Notes on Reading the Irish  Examiner,  www.irishexaminer.com

  1 Make sure you save the examiner text only version to your favourites

  2. Remember that the examiner is laid out in sections.  The main sections
are Deaths, Ireland, Sport, the world etc.

  You can tab to each section and press enter on the section link, to open
it up, and get access to the articles on today?s examiner for that section.
EG to read the articles on Ireland, you tab till you hear Ireland, press
enter and then you tab again, to cycle to the individual articles on
Ireland.  To read an article, press enter when you hear the head line, You
then Hold down the jaws or insert key and press enter twice, after which you
hold down again, the jaws or insert key and hit the down arrow.

   (When you have finished reading an article, and you wish to read the next
article in that section:

   1 press the back space button, and tab to the next article you wish to

   When you are finished reading the articles in a particular section, press
the back space until you hear Jaws echo the link, for the section you are
in, I.e. Ireland and then Tab on to the next section and press enter to
start tabbing through that particular section.

  A good tip is, if you hold down the jaws key and press F 7, you can then
press the first letter of the section you wish to go to and then press
enter. .

  I hope this might be of some help.

  Noreen M.

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