[vip_students] Re: Re adjusting the speak

  • From: "\\elaine o'Neill" <lainsey@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 22:36:57 +0100

i all, also having a problem with speech on iphone, i.e. the volume.  
Recently installed a newer version of skype on the iphone and not every time I 
go into skype the volume drops drastically.  The volume buttons dont work to 
adjust this and when I leave skype and go back to the home schrene the volume 
is also reduced drastically.
Initially when I rang my mobile freom the land line this problem was solved, 
but this no longer works.
Would appreciate any help please.

Elaine. from my iPhon

On 4 Oct 2011, at 22:23, "gary worn" <garyworn@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Vincent.
> Sorry, my mistake it's the speach on my iphone is talking too fast.
> Gary 
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> Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2011 8:46 PM
> Subject: [vip_students] Re: Re adjusting the speak
>> hhi Gary did you try the short cut keys for this. control alt and page up. 
>> or do what all good computer technicians do turn it off and back on.
>> regards
>> Vincent
>> --------------------------------------------------
>> From: "Gary Worn" <garyworn@xxxxxxxxxx>
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>> To: "Vip.students" <vip_students@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Subject: [vip_students] Re adjusting the speak
>>> Hi All.
>>> Having trouble adjusting the speak speed, can speed it up but can't slow it 
>>> down, can anyone advice please.
>>> Gary
>>> Sent from my iPhone

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